MusculoGraphics, Inc.


SIMM for PC's running Windows (XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8):

Password and hardware key required to run (60MB)

SIMM 7.0 Release Notes
Release Notes for SIMM 7.0 (PDF)

SIMM Change Log
Description of changes and bug fixes for all versions of SIMM from 1.0 to 7.0

Dynamics Pipeline Change Log
Description of changes and bug fixes for Dynamics Pipeline

SIMM 7.0 User Guide
SIMM 7.0 User Guide (3.9MB PDF)

SIMM Viewer
For customers having a full SIMM license, the SIMM Viewer is available for free so that your colleagues can view your data. It is a reduced-functionality version of SIMM that lets you import models created by a licensed version of SIMM. You can view and animate the models, as well as plot muscle properties and motion variables. It's a great way to supplement biomechanics teaching, share information with colleagues, and work with your models when you're out of the office.

SIMM Tryout Registration
Requestor must be affiliated with a biomechanics business or University and have an email that reflects that affiliation.