MusculoGraphics, Inc.

Research Discount

To qualify for the SIMM Research Discount, the following criteria must be met:

  1. Licensee attests that the Licensed Software will be used exclusively in a University or a non-profit research institute.
  2. Licensee will acknowledge the use of the Licensed Software in any publication, presentation, or grant application that presents data or results generated by the Licensed Software, or that contains photographs or other reproductions of images created with the Licensed Software.
  3. Licensee shall provide MusculoGraphics with lists of published works (with copies of reprints if possible) in which the Licensed Software is referenced and/or acknowledged.
  4. Licensee will not sell any data, results, models, or images generated using the Licensed Software, nor will Licensee sell or distribute any products or services incorporating such data, results, models or images.
  5. Licensee will not develop and sell or distribute any software products based on the Licensed Software or concepts derived from the Licensed Software.
  6. Licensee will make all models developed with the Licensed Software available to MusculoGraphics without charge.
  7. Licensee will inform any and all of its employees, contractors, students, and consultants who may use the Licensed Software of conditions 1 through 6 above, and make reasonable effort to ensure that they abide by these conditions.

The official Research Discount Agreement form must be filled out and returned prior to or at the time of ordering.