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SIMM Tryout Registration

The SIMM Tryout includes three models, but does not let you load or save models. It has six tutorials that show various animation, editing and plotting features, plus demonstrations of the optional modules. Half of the GUI tools are enabled.
There is no time limit on the SIMM Tryout.


Minimum Configuration
1 GHz Pentium (or compatible) CPU
256 MB RAM
200 MB disk space
25 pin parallel port or USB 2.0 port
1024 x 768 screen
16 MB video RAM

Graphics Cards: Many of the cards in the GeForce and Quadro FX series have been tested successfully with SIMM, including the GeForce 8800, the GeForce 9800, the GeForce GTX 275, the Quadro FX 500, and the Quadro FX 1500."

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